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Preparing for an Audit

Preparing For An Audit

One of the most useful tips we can offer about preparing for an audit is to ask us about the process and our typical requirements. We would be happy to have an early discussion to outline the audit process and the types of access and information we normally need to complete our work.

Other tips:

  • Identify a primary point of contact to act as a liason to work with us. This individual should also be responsible for ensuring that the audit team has access to all required records and personnel.
  • Be prepared with your ideas for areas you would like us to include in the scope of the audit. We will use this information to identify risk areas and design the audit.
  • Tell your staff and colleagues about the audit and solicit their ideas, as well. Feel free to distribute the audit entrance letter we send you.
  • Review prior audit reports covering your area and similar functions. We can ofter help you with this by identifying and providing at least the prior audits performed by Audit and Advisory Services.